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Roxanne Martinez was driving when an SUV hit her car, knocking her out. The other driver, Michelle LaFlamme, got a ticket and had Allstate auto insurance.

Ms. Martinez had approximately $25,000 worth of medical bills and lost wages. Allstate offered her $15,000. So she got a lawyer.

Then Allstate paid her $187,506. This included money for pain and suffering, damage to her
car, and other expenses.

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Receive Full Compensation When There Has Been Spinal Anesthesia (Epidural) Malpractice

Anesthesia (total numbing) and analgesia (pain relief) are both very useful procedures for people who have pain.  Oftentimes, people with chronic pain and women during childbirth will benefit from pain relief.  When there is severe pain, standard painkillers (such as aspirin) are not usually effective.  Sometimes, a better alternative is to receive an injection into an area of the patient's back that is close to the spinal cord, which is called the epidural area.

The benefit of this approach is that the doctor or nurse anesthetist can inject a painkiller, a steroid (such as cortisone), or both, into the epidural area.  The painkiller provides immediate relief, which is often enough for temporary pain, like the pain from childbirth.  The steroid acts as an anti-inflammatory chemical, which reduces the pressure from the spinal cord bones on the spinal cord nerves and thus can reduce pain for a long period of time.  People with back pain will often receive a painkiller and cortisone at the same time.

Although this medical procedure can be helpful, several problems can arise with the use of epidural injections.  First, this procedure should not be used more than three times within a six-month period of time.  Otherwise, this treatment may cause more injuries.  Second, it is critical that the injection is in the correct place and does not penetrate the spinal cord.  Third, this may be the wrong approach, if spinal cord surgery is a better option for long-term pain relief.

Complications can arise from this medical procedure.  The worst-case scenarios include death, permanent paralysis, temporary paralysis, nerve damage, spinal cord leak, cardiac arrest, dropped foot, injury to the dura, and lasting severe pain.  Although these situations are rare, when they do occur, this is usually medical malpractice, because doctors and nurse anesthetists need to be extremely careful with this procedure!

Get the Money You Need

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of spinal anesthesia malpractice, then you are entitled to receive the full and fair compensation you deserve!

In addition to receiving money for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, you may also be entitled to receive money for home remodeling, a lifetime of specialized care, and other expenses you may incur.

We can investigate your claim by examining medical records, alongside our independent medical experts, in order to determine if negligence contributed to the problem.

Strong Advocates

We know the tricks that insurance companies try to use to underpay victims with spinal anesthesia malpractice claims.  We can help our clients recover the full amount of money they're entitled to receive!

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The sooner you call us, the sooner we can investigate your case, prepare a comprehensive claim, and make a demand to the insurance company!  If necessary, we can go to trial to pursue your claim. 

You will only pay attorneys' fees if we successfully win your case through a settlement or verdict.

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